through the storm
I will forever be in love with Justin Drew Bieber and Taylor Allison Swift is like the big sister I never had. Music is my life. I tend to fall in love with guys I can't have. Stay strong, be fearless and believe xxx

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turn on: when your phone is on 100%

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Happy 20th Birthday to the best person on earth ♥

where do i start when it comes to him. i love this boy with all my heart and even though i go through a lot of shit because of his stupid ass i dont regret any second of it. i know he’ve made mistakes and i know he’s not perfect and that’s one of the many reasons why i love this kid. ‘kid’.. not anymore i guess. seeing a smile on his face makes me smile. seeing him just having fun and being the dumbass he is makes me happy. seeing him just being him makes me happy. i only now realize how much time i spend on him and how much i really love him, this may sound stupid to some of you, but i truly love him more than i love myself. i won’t keep going because i have tears in my eyes. you’re not gonna be 16 forever right?
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march 1st 1994; don’t try to be anyone else because that’s what makes you not swaggy.

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once my sister got rejected for a job at a web design company that she really wanted to work for so that night she hacked into their website and redirected it to her blog and the next day the CEO called her and hired her on the spot so moral of the story: if at first you don’t succeed, hack their website and make them beg for mercy 

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Title: UnknownBorn To Be Somebody
Artist: UnknownJustin Bieber
Album: UnknownNever Say Never (The Remixes)
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